Letters to the Editor

Read what Brenda Noel's supporters say about her in letters to the editor of The Newton Tab

(Oct. 27, 2017) by John Coates
"Brenda finds ways to build. She connects with people of all backgrounds and perspectives. She convinces people to do things – to their own benefit – that they would not otherwise do.... [READ MORE] 

(Sept. 27, 2017) by Marian Leah Knapp
"A candidate will think about and…represent the needs of the entire city while being there to help a particular group or neighborhood. This is what I see in Brenda....[READ MORE]

(Sept. 20, 2017) by Lisa & Andrew Pearlman "Brenda’s affection for Newton is contagious, and we would all be lucky to have her tireless energy working for Ward 6 residents on the city council. ... [READ MORE}

(Sept. 13, 2017) by Shannon Armstrong
"I’m voting for Brenda Noel...first and foremost because she has a genuine passion for Newton which she demonstrates every day. I believe she will show up every day, listening to her constituents and ensuring we are informed about our city government.... [READ MORE]

(Sept. 6, 2017) by Liz Hiser
"Here’s what I know about Brenda: as our representative in city government, she will take the time to hear us, incorporate our views and explain her votes. She will be a relentless communicator, keeping us informed about what’s going on in our neighborhoods and across the city... [READ MORE]


We endorse Brenda Noel for City Councilor from Ward 6

Shannon Armstrong and Gregor Rohda             Susan and William Landay

Bryan Barash                                                          Schuyler Larrabee

Jon Baring-Gould                                                   Holly LeCraw

Carol Beard                                                             Roberta Leviton

Eve Berne and Jeff Fried                                       Lisa Monahan and Andy Levine

Margie and Buzz Birnbaum                                   Paul Levy

Alicia Bowman                                                        Dr. Indu Mani

Lucy Caldwell-Stair                                                Tatjana Meschede

Beth and Bob Capstick                                          Josephine McNeil, former head of CAN-DO

Sunny and Krisztina Chander                                Jay and Nancy Nelson

John Coates and Ingrid Scheibler                        Karen O’Malley and Michael Feldman

Nadine Cohen and Tony Temple                          Maureen and Brian Oates

Rachel and Dan Cohen                                          Susan Opdyke and Henry Goldman

Ed Dailey                                                                 Mary Margaret and Bill Pappas

Molly and Matt DeJohn                                         Lisa and Andrew Pearlman

Mimi de Montigny and Doug Whitaker               Emily Prenner

Jennifer Dirga                                                        Jane Quinn

Kevin Eagar & Param Roychoudhury                  Dave and Priscilla Remis

Shawn Fitzgibbons, Co-Chair, Newton Dems     Marion Joseph Riggs

                                                       Abby Rordorf

Jane Frantz                                                             Michele Rosenthal

Haven Fyfe-Kiernan and Dan Kiernan                 Gina Scaramella

Val and Doug Gage                                               Jamie Scarborough

Katie and John Gaines                                          Paul and Danielle Schreier

Rachel Geller and Joel Kaplan                              Rachel Segall and Tony Hurley

Janice Giglio                                                           Risa Shames and Neil Silverston

Tatyana Goldwyn                                                   Carol Ann Shea

Ruth Goldman                                                       John Sisson           

Barbara Gore                                                        Kimberly Slater

Jennifer and Simon Greenwold                           Shana and Dan Smythe

Liz and Chris Hartnick                         Jen and Jon Snider

Claudia and Henry Henderson                           Claire Sokoloff and Rob Gifford  

Susie Heyman                            Robert Solomon          

Mary Ann Hill and Patrick Dober                          Jennifer Stone and Bob Waldinger

Liz Hiser and Charlie Hoban                         Erica and John Thorp

Kathleen Hobson                                   Kim Thurmond

Adele Hoffman                                                    Julie Tishler and Ed Levy

Judy Jacobson and Dan Wiener                          Macy Tubman

Barbara John, Chair Ward 6 Democrats             Emilie and Ben Tucker

Eli Katzoff Heidi Vernon

Patty Kellogg                                                           Julie Weiman

Debbi Kim                                                            Ed and Amy Wertheim

Kari Kipf and Pete Horstmann                              Amb. (Ret.) Barry B. White

Marian Leah Knapp                              Beth Wilkinson

Patrick and Nissa Knight                                        Dean and Lynne Xerras

Dr. Natalie Kuldel                                         Jonathan Yeo