Noel for City Council


by Shannon Armstrong

published September 13, 2017

I have known Brenda Noel since she arrived in Newton with a pair of first graders. Like many of us who weren’t lucky enough to grow up in Newton, she and her family came for the schools and the vibrant city that feels more like a small town. Brenda immediately dove into the many thankless volunteer jobs asked of elementary school parents, all those little tasks that help make our schools some of the best in the country.

During the past 7 years, she has contributed to the Newton community in dozens of small ways, helping to ensure Newton is the type of place where neighbors know and look out for each other. From running field day activities at Mason Rice to her continued [fundraising] leadership at NWW Committee, which supports housing needs and provides services for our most vulnerable citizens, Brenda tirelessly shows up. She is a great listener and consensus builder who excels at keeping everyone informed. With humor and humility, Brenda brings people together and fosters an environment of enthusiasm and excitement, no matter the job.

I’m voting for Brenda Noel for Ward 6 city councillor first and foremost because she has a genuine passion for Newton which she demonstrates every day. I believe she will show up every day, listening to her constituents and ensuring we are informed about our city government. She has knocked on over 2500 Ward 6 doors this summer, (and she has no plans to stop), and she will bring that same high energy and sense of urgency to the people she represents.

There is a reason Newton has been named one of the best places to live in America. It’s our villages, our parks, our schools and our diversity. On November 7, join me in voting for Brenda to ensure Newton remains exceptional for many years to come."