Noel for City Council


by Marian Leah Knapp

published September 27, 2017

I live in Ward 6 and I am strongly supporting Brenda Noel for Ward 6 councilor. I have been observing Brenda and talking a great deal with her from the very beginning of her election campaign. I am truly impressed.

Before I support anyone for political office, I try hard to understand who the person is — background, experience, knowledge and commitment. Most importantly, I must be assured that any candidate I endorse has to understand the issues facing the city, has done extensive investigation about the context of these issues, identifies who is impacted and why, and is willing to think broadly about potential solutions. Brenda is someone who listens and considers deeply the thoughts and opinions of others. She does not make choices lightly without doing the extensive homework necessary to make careful, meaningful decisions.

Also, I look to see if a candidate will think about and ultimately represent the needs of the entire city while being there to help a particular group or neighborhood. This is what I see in Brenda. She is determined to work for the benefit of people with very diverse needs, wishes and capabilities. This includes residents of all ages and financial status, those with special needs, and those who need affordable or accessible housing, no matter where they live in the city of Newton.

At the same time I see Brenda very involved in and caring about her particular ward — Ward 6. She is heavily involved and helping to deal with current pressing issues such as the soil pollution problem at the Andover Newton Theological School, and the proposed Historic District in the Highlands.

So, for these reasons: having a far-reaching perspective on the needs of the entire city and all of our diverse population; demonstrating the capacity to focus on her own Ward; and knowing how to listen and learn, I am extremely pleased to support her candidacy and seriously urge you to vote for her on Nov. 7.