Noel for City Council


by Lisa and Andrew Pearlman

published September 20, 2017

When our family moved to Newton Highlands six years ago, Brenda Noel was the self-appointed welcome wagon. Having arrived in the neighborhood only a year earlier, she took it upon herself to make us and every other new arrival feel the embrace of a community she loves. Brenda’s affection for Newton is contagious, and we would all be lucky to have her tireless energy working for Ward 6 residents on the city council.

Nothing slows Brenda down. Everything she does is well-organized and driven by a strong commitment to service and community. Professionally, her nonprofit consulting work and project management has supported crucial organizations in Newton and elsewhere in the region. Personally, she is a whirlwind of activity, whether she is organizing a block party, coaching youth sports or volunteering in the public schools. She’s a do-er; while most of us are considering whether an idea is feasible, Brenda already has Plan A and a couple of backups as well.

As a candidate for city council, Brenda has impressed us with her nuanced understanding of controversial local issues such as housing and development, school funding, and environmental preservation. When prompted, she always has a clear idea of the root causes of disagreement, what motivates the various stakeholders and where the seeds of consensus might be cultivated. Brenda is no ideologue; she is a solution-seeker, a believer that one side doesn’t have to lose for another to win. Many issues that City Council deals with are nonpartisan in nature, or should be nonpartisan, and traditional political battle lines are less important than competence and practical solutions. We know Brenda sees the Council’s role similarly, and she is committed to the things that all of us can agree make Newton a wonderful place to live: community resources, schools, public facilities and excellent local services.

Brenda’s personal qualities are ideally suited to public service. She is unafraid of hard work and having open-minded conversations with people of all stripes, including those who disagree with her. We’ve never met our current city council representative, but we are certain that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Brenda Noel’s commitment and passion for Newton."